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Events Are My Speciality

I believe that the moment defines the memories. 

It is so important to me that the set ups for your event are created to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. Paying close attention to every detail, my goal is to achieve a flawless rental experience that you won’t ever forget.


I am proud to go above and beyond for my clients with genuine passion and care. 


Hi, I'm Kristina


I've always been drawn to creative outlets. From studying Interior Design then Fashion Management where I went on to build a career in Visual Merchandising, to crafting and DIY’s around the home, having a space to be creative in my day to day life has always filled my cup. 


However, nothing has ignited my creative side more than being a mama to my two little girls.

Keeping busy with arts & crafts, pillow forts, tea parties, and family photoshoots has inspired me on a whole new level. 


When my daughter Lia was at the age when birthdays truly became magical, I had a vision to gift her the ultimate experience. I was on a mission to create the perfect glamp out, filled with whimsical touches throughout. Before my husband had the chance to oppose the idea, I put him to work building out the sweetest little tents for her and her friends. 



The party was a success, and it brought me so much joy from start to finish. Getting to plan every adorable detail, to seeing the excitement on their faces - I knew I wanted to do it again, and I knew I wanted to keep doing it bigger and better.  

It started with a garden party glamp out, and has quickly evolved. December Rose Events now also offers a versatile collection of unique pieces, suited for any occasion you plan to celebrate.

We provide decor and furniture for special events, photography backdrop and prop rentals, and the newest open-concept photo booth with the latest features to capture memories at weddings, corporate functions, and so much more.


My passion lies in bringing themes and concepts to life through propping & display.  I’d be honoured to play a part in making your event one that you’ll look back on and cherish. 


I would love for you to join me on this event planning journey & I look forward to bringing your vision to life at your next event.

Why DecemberRose

After the success of the birthday party, the inquiries started coming in. I began curating a collection of classic hand-picked pieces for parties and events. 


I’m the type of girl that has always appreciated a chic and modern aesthetic, but over the years I’ve grown to be more of a country girl at heart. With every piece I find, or set up I create, I try to ensure that I stay true to who I am.  You’ll always find hints of both stylish elegance and rustic charm in everything I do.


What’s the meaning behind the name? 

My daughter.

Born in December, and middle name Rose.

(Little Gracie & Co. is a nod to my youngest, Zoe Grace)


My girls are my inspiration and motivation, so it's only fitting that they be the name and face of the business. 



The Photo Market

Book your premium Photo Booth to tastefully compliment your wedding, corporate event, benefit, fundraiser, or private party,


Little Gracie & Co.

Create a magical experience your little one will always remember, with your personalized kids glamping set ups and whimsical themes.


Event Props & Rentals

Choose your prop rental from a handpicked curation to make an impression at your next event. Perfect for showers, parties, and photography sets.


Our Services


Kristina with December Rose Events is my go to girl when I need props for a styled photography shoot. I am always thoroughly impressed with her expertise, services and the ability to bring my vision to life! Her decor is absolutely stunning! From floral arrangements, chairs and table settings, everything is always perfectly executed and looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. My clients are always so happy and impressed with the end result! 


In addition, she is very professional, punctual and organized. Overall, I highly recommend December Rose Events for anyone looking for an event and decor company. Her creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to excellent service truly makes all the difference when making my styled shoots memorable.” 

Candice, Candice Rose Photography

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